McMaster Alumni Directory

Thank you to thousands of alumni who kindly shared their updates with the McMaster Today, Alumni Directory publisher. We look forward to the release of the updated directory and to the many photos and updates that you've submitted.

For those alumni who have placed an order for a copy of the directory, please be advised that the release and delivery of the directory has been delayed by the publisher and delivery is now expected by the end of February, 2017. (Original projected release date was October 16). We regret the inconvenience and any disappointment this delay has caused.

Emailable alumni who have ordered a directory, should have received an email from the publisher on November 21 providing a downloadable digital version of the directory. This version is complimentary and is in addition to the print version you ordered.  We hope you enjoy browsing this version while you await delivery of the printed version. 

Once again, we thank you for your participation in this project. Should you have any questions concerning the delivery of your directory (subsequent address change for example), please contact Publishing Concepts customer service at:

 1-800-982-1590 or [email protected]

Should you have questions of a general nature regarding the directory, please email [email protected] or call the McMaster University Alumni Association at 905-525-9140 ext. 23900.




Terms of Participation – Your Privacy is Important

McMaster University and Harris Connect value your privacy and will treat your information in a secure manner throughout the program. Only those alumni that respond via mail, online, or telephone during the course of the project and thereby consent to participate will have their biographical listings, photos and/or essays included in the book. Alumni may also elect to have portions of their information excluded from printing (e.g., requesting that the listing include the business address but suppress the home address). Non-respondent alumni will only be listed in the alphabetical index under their respective class years.

Even though Harris Connect is based in the U.S., rest assured that this project is being conducted in compliance with Personal Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FIPPA). Please be aware that any information provided to a U.S. firm like Harris Connect is subject to U.S. law, including the Patriot Act. While Harris Connect has never in its history been approached to make a disclosure under the Patriot Act, we are required to advise you of this remote possibility.

For more information on Harris Connect, including a link to its full privacy policy, go to

 A full copy of the McMaster Alumni Association Privacy Policy can be found here