Alumni House 

Home to the Office of Alumni Advancement since June 2003, Alumni House was officially renamed from the President's Residence in 2009. The building has served a number of purposes since it was built in 1930 at an original estimated cost of $30,000.

Throughout the 1930s the house was known as the Chancellor's Residence. The first person to occupy the house was Chancellor Howard Primrose Whidden in 1933.  George Peel Gilmour followed him in 1941. For almost all of the 1940s, the Chancellor's Residence was temporarily renamed Wallingford Annex and served as a dormitory for fifteen or so “freshettes”.  In 1949, George P. Gilmour became both President and Chancellor, and in 1950, his title changed to President and Vice-Chancellor. From that time onward, McMaster had both a Chancellor and a President and Vice-Chancellor. President Gilmour was succeeded in 1961 by Henry G. Thode, followed by Arthur N. Bourns in 1972, Alvin A. Lee in 1980, Geraldine A. Kenney-Wallace in 1990, Peter J. George in 1995, and Patrick Deane in 2010. Dr. Peter George was the last President and Vice-Chancellor to call the President's Residence home.

Seated on extensive private grounds immediately adjacent to the Cootes Paradise Ravine, the house is frequently visited by deer and other animals from the nature preserve. Alumni House serves as a meeting space for the MAA Board of Directors and alumni events are frequently hosted on its graciously furnished first floor.