(B) Communications:

To investigate best practices to reach, engage and communicate effectively with internal and external audiences. Effective communications will demonstrate and promote the MAA’s relevance and value as well as have a particular focus in fostering pride for the University and the MAA.

Objective 1:

  • Methods: Investigate best practices in evolving communications methods, and periodically review, to achieve best blend for alumni with different preferences and develop strategies for targeted marketing and messaging based on age, faculty of graduation, involvement and life-stage. (ie. mix of traditional and digital communications for different audiences – ie. young alumni (Mac10), older alumni, external community.) 

Objective 2:

  • Target Audiences: Address the life-cycle stages of a student from pre-arrival, to arrival, 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year to encompass the students’ time at McMaster with the goal of ensuring a higher awareness of the Association upon their graduation and create more opportunities for interactions between students and alumni online and in-person. 

Objective 3:

  • Connection to Leaders: Build access and exposure to “McMaster leaders” within MAA communications including student leaders; University leaders; faculty; alumni leaders sharing their stories of success and facilitating interaction amongst McMaster leaders. 

Objective 4:

  • Content: Tailor content to specific target audiences for timely and relevant messaging reflecting the interests of alumni. A focus of student communication is to be job-readiness; for MAC10 continued career assistance. For all groups, education and research stories from McMaster are to be a major focus of communications.