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(Postponed) Discover Psychology Lecture Five with Barbara Fenesi

This series is held on campus in the Psychology Building and is a FREE series aimed towards students, staff, faculty, alumni, and all members of the public. The lectures feature dynamic McMaster professors discussing fascinating and practical topics related to the field of Psychology.

Due to a scheduling conflict with Dr. Fenesi this event will be postponed until a new date can be confirmed. 

This month Dr. Barbara Fenesi from the NeuroFitLab in the Department of Kinesiology will give a talk on:

Quality sleep, good grades, and healthy genes: the many more reasons to exercise...so why don't we?

Barbara Fenesi is a postdoctoral fellow in the NeuroFitLab in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University. She applies her background in cognitive psychology to better understand factors that promote brain and body health. Specifically, she examines how exercise and cognitive training directly impact our underlying neural machinery, and how to boost adherence to a physically active lifestyle. Her goal is to leverage this knowledge and uncover evidence-based strategies that promote memory and learning in a diverse student body, in healthy older adults, and in those diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.