Studio Art Exhibit


Studio Art Graduation Exhibition

About this project

Since our humble beginnings at McMaster, our once nervous and uncertain class has grown into a tight-knit group of fourteen innovative emerging visual artists. Now it’s time for us to prepare for what we’ve worked towards for the last few years: our graduating exhibition.

We chose Mac’s Studio Art program for its dedicated faculty and staff, smaller classes, research and internship opportunities, access to Hamilton’s growing art scene, and the chance to exhibit at one of the country’s most renowned art institutions: the McMaster Museum of Art. We are extremely thrilled to show our art at such an organization!

Our graduating showcase—aside from being an immense learning opportunity— culminates our time as students, and commences our careers as artists in Hamilton and beyond. Here’s where we need your support.


What will the funds help us to accomplish

The McMaster Museum of Art generously provides professional support and exhibition space, but there are aspects of the exhibition that we would be unable to execute without extra fundraising.

Your contributions will fund the exhibition catalogue, the opening reception, and publicity. Thank you for your support; we cannot wait to celebrate this milestone with you in April 2016!