About iFundMac

iFundMac is a crowdfunding platform unique to McMaster University that allows for a grassroots approach to fundraising for small university projects. This will allow for individuals of all means to make an impact on specific university initiatives with their philanthropy. In fact, project champions will be able to use this tool to encourage their friends and social networks to support their efforts.

The iFundMac platform is coordinated and managed by the Office of Alumni Advancement at is an extension of the McMaster Alumni Association.

For details, please contact us by email at giving@mcmaster.ca or by phone at (905) 525-9140 ext. 24224.

Current Projects

McMaster Children and Youth University (MCYU)
Question - Discover - Create
Ennis Pain Management Project
Join a legacy to give life back to chronic pain sufferers.
The Dr. Karl Kinanen Lectureship
$13,120 has been raised
David Gerry LIVELab Student Research Awards

David's wish is that his legacy will continue through students' research in McMaster’s LIVELab.

$10,760 has been raised
Neudose Satellite Project
Help send a satellite into orbit.