What kind of projects can be submitted?

All projects should advance research, teaching, learning, or enhance the overall student experience at the university – including those focused on student aid, athletics, library or faculty-specific initiatives – and have a specific deadline for funding.

What is an appropriate funding level for projects on this platform?

With some exceptions, iFundMac.ca will accept projects with goals between $500 and $25,000.

Who can submit a project?

Any member of the McMaster community can submit a project for consideration. The decision to approve the project remains with the Office of Alumni Advancement.

How much information do I need to provide?

The McMaster University Advancement staff will polish your submissions but the more details you have in regards to the project, the easier it will be to understand the scope and meaning of the initiative.

Who decides which projects are posted on iFundMac.ca?

The Office of Alumni Advancement, part of University Advancement will determine which projects will be added to this platform based on the above criteria and expected fundability.

How do I access the donations?

Funds will only be deposited in a university account or designation associated with your project. University Advancement will work with you and, where appropriate, a university representative to ensure the funds are available to you in due time.

Once my project is submitted, how can I help it succeed?

•    Share the story of your project using various medium. Create a buzz by posting on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

•    Use your blog to showcase your project to your personal social network and get the word out. Email your friends and let them know what you are trying to achieve.

•    Give. Make your own personal gift to put your money where your project is.
•    Remember the 30% rule. It is recommended that for any good fundraising campaign (including crowdfunding projects) you try to raise at least 30% of your goal before you launch it publically. This will make reaching your goal more likely.

•    Talk to your personal networks – friends and family – before you start and ask them to help your project get off the ground. In fact, you should have ~100 email addresses to share the story with before launching a project.

•    Update. Keep the project alive with updated photos, videos and testimonials. Timely, colourful and exciting updates will ensure your project stays relevant.

•    Steward. Even once the project has reached its financial goal, keep McMaster, your social network and your supporters on the success of your initiative. This will ensure donors will be interested in other McMaster fundraising projects.