In-person series

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Lager Lectures

Educational talks and events in Hamilton

Our series of Hamilton-area educational lectures and events is named after McMaster graduate Albert Abrum Lager, a great believer in the value of life-long education. He created the Albert Abrum Lager Foundation which supports several organizations in their efforts, including the McMaster Alumni Association.


Opportunities to reconnect with classmates from Mac

Each year hundreds of alumni gather at various types of reunions to reminisce about their time at McMaster and reconnect with friends of years past. Below are the types of reunions alumni participate in each year. View our Events Calendar to look for upcoming reunions.

Class Reunions

Typically held on Alumni Day, numerous classes gather to recognize the anniversary of their graduation. This is the largest single day of activities organized for alumni, and features general events, tours and reunions for graduates, including the annual golden anniversary 50th reunion celebration.

Affinity Reunions

Student clubs, activities and extra-curricular endeavours are an important part of the student experience! Memories and connections forged don’t have to end with graduation. If you would like to assist in planning a reunion related to a student affinity, email

Faculty, Department and Program Reunions

As McMaster has grown and class sizes get larger, many alumni wish to reconnect with fellow graduates of a specific Faculty, Department or Program. Numerous reunions are held for specific areas on Alumni Reunion Day, Homecoming Weekend, and throughout the year. For information on these reunions, email


Annual weekend to reconnect with Mac

Join us each fall on campus for Homecoming Weekend! Festivities include our chili lunch and Marauder football game as well as reunions, lectures, and our Community Impact Award luncheon.

Stratford Seminars

Summer retreat to Stratford for a week of Shakespeare

This July why not spend some of your time enjoying the genius of Shakespeare in scenic Stratford, Ontario. Every year since 1960, McMaster University has conducted a seminar for theatre and Shakespeare enthusiasts, in association with the Stratford Festival. Participants attend numerous productions, attend lectures and discussion sessions, learn about backstage and production activities, and have the opportunity to meet some of the Festival cast.

Women's Series

Personal and professional development series for our alumnae in the Hamilton area

Our women's series emphasizes leadership, networking, knowledge, and awareness through interactive sessions moderated by industry and community leaders. The sessions take place six times per year at The Hamilton Club (three times in the fall and three times in winter/spring) and attendance is limited to provide a close and personal environment. The evening begins at 7 p.m. with delicious appetizers and networking opportunities before the speaker begins her/his presentation. The sessions run 90 minutes and the atmosphere is casual and inviting. Advertising is focused on our alumnae but friends and community members are always welcomed to attend.

Family Series

Events with an emphasis on quality family time

We provide opportunities to share meaningful experiences with our children — events that will give you a chance to learn, share, and connect as families. Our family events run three to four times a year and are usually held on the weekend. Often we will partner with community members to help expose the great existing community programming in the city of Hamilton and area. Our alumni events just add a little spirit of McMaster to the community.

Across Canada

Mac in your town!

McMaster alumni span the globe, but wherever our grads call home now, there are always ways to stay connected with your alma mater. Whether you choose to attend or volunteer at an alumni event in your city, or keep up-to-date through our website and publications, you can keep your connection to your student days and McMaster.

We host many events in cities all over the country including Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary. For a complete listing of events, please visit our events page.


Mac across the globe!

Alumni can stay connected to McMaster wherever their travels may take them. Just keep your address up-to-date and we will let you know what is happening in your area. Visit our events page for upcoming gatherings. You can also stay connected to McMaster through Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. For more information contact Kathleen D'Amico, Alumni Officer, International Outreach.

Hong Kong Branch

There are approximately 900 McMaster alumni living in Hong Kong. The McMaster Hong Kong Alumni Branch regularly holds events throughout the year. If you would like more information on the branch and their activities, contact Kathleen D'Amico.