Email options

McMaster alumni do not retain access to the account they used as students. (We're really sorry!)

For graduating students, your email will expire on January 31 following your convocation. All questions about email can be directed to University Technology Services

If you need help moving your mail from your student account to a different gmail account, UTS has built this help document with all the details on moving your mail.

We have TWO options for those wanting to keep a McMaster-related email address.

Please read the two options carefully before proceeding.

OPTION ONE: Email forwarding

Email forwarding allows you to provide friends and family with one email address for life. No matter how many times you change jobs, ISPs and email addresses, they will always be able to reach you through your McMaster address. How does it work? You use our system to specify a non-McMaster email address where all future emails sent to your current/student email address are forwarded.

PLEASE NOTE: this option only forwards emails from your McMaster account to another address, and does not provide access to your McMaster inbox or folders.

Please go to the email forwarding set-up instructions page to proceed with this option.


OPTION TWO: Alumni email

We are pleased to offer email service to McMaster alumni for $130 per year + HST. 

  • The email service for members of the McMaster University Alumni Association is provided by the Research & High-Performance Computing Support department.
  • McMaster alumni registering for this service will not have continued access to the email they had as students. Rather, they will have a new email created using and there is no guarantee it will be the same name@ as your Mac ID.
  • It is easy to connect your email to a new account through email forwarding, which simply sends all email along to the new account.

To begin your request for alumni email, please fill out this form.

Questions? Send us a note at