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Alumni Bloggers 

Are you a proud Marauder? A talented writer? A world traveler or committed volunteer? Each McMaster graduate has a unique story and we want to hear yours!

If you're interested in writing a post for the alumni blog, please send a proposed blog post or proposed topic to Erin O'Neil, alumni officer for digital engagement. Erin will work with you to help you share your story with thousands of fellow alumni.

Tips: Pick a topic or subject that would be of interest to the McMaster community or of broad general interest. Your audience is a world-wide alumni demographic ranging from grads of the 1930s to current students and everyone in between - we're a very diverse family! While we don't have a strict limit to length, keep in mind blog posts that can be read in under three minutes are more likely to be read. Images and graphics help to draw and keep readers and add interest to your piece.

Get writing - we look forward to hearing from you!

Email Forwarding

As a McMaster graduate student or alumni, you are eligible to receive a free email forwarding service, that allows you to keep your email address, after your undergraduate service has completed. Email forwarding is not an email account as it does not store messages for you to read and reply to. Rather it forwards email, sent to your McMaster email address, to your personal email account where you do read and reply to messages. For more information about our email forwarding service, click here.