Student Relations Committee


What is The SRC?

The Student Relations Committee (SRC) is a collaborative body that brings together a wide variety of students, student organizations and university departments.  The Committee works together with the ultimate goal of inspiring student activity and leadership while providing students with the opportunity to get engaged in every aspect of the university.  The SRC plans a few marquee events annually including the student leader dinners and homecoming carnival.  In addition to programming, the committee acts as a valuable resource that communicates to the diverse and growing student body about opportunities to get more involved within university and student organizations. 

Starting in the fall, students will receive regular newsletters from the committee highlighting important and exciting events as well as key dates and timelines.  Follow the SRC to learn more about how you can get involved with exciting new opportunities across campus!

For more information on the SRC, please contact Scott Mallon at

2015/2016 Student Relations Committee

Alumni Advancement (Chair)

Scott Mallon

MSU President

Ehima Osazuwa

MSU VP Administration

Giuliana Guarna

Campus Events

Al Legault

Clubs Administrator

Joshua Patel

MSU Maroons Coordinator

Nicole Van Den Heuvel

First Year Council Chair


Society of Off-Campus Students

Nyasha Mpofu

Student Success Centre

Rachel Nelson

Student Success Centre

Chalene Begin

Inter Residence Council

IRC President

Athletics& Recreation

Jessica Chevrier

Residence Life

Melissa Pratt

Student Wellness Centre

Melissa Fernandes


Director Alumni Advancement

Karen McQuigge