Life After Mac


As your time at McMaster winds down there going to be a lot things swarming around inside your head. What am I going to do next year? How do I get a job? Do I want to go to grad school? While we don't have the answers to these questions we definitely want to help you find your way after Mac. This program offers graduating students everything they need to succeed in their final year at Mac and also once they hjave graduated. There is career advice, networking, mentorship opportunities, and, sometimes, it is as simple as a drink with some friends to unwind heading in the final stretch!

New Year's Levée

What better way to ring in the New Year than with your fellow classmates and some McMaster VIP! Be sure to keep an eye peeled for your invitation to this traditional New Year's Levée, an opportunity to share greetings and best wishes with your classmates and President Patrick Deane. There may even be some other McMaster celebrities in attendance so make sure you are there to be a part of the festivities. 

Grad Bash

This is your chance to have one last night out with your graduating class before you finish your time at Mac. Come out, grab a drink, eat some food, and enjoy some great company. Who knows, maybe you will meet a new friend before you graduate!

Etiquette Dinner

​Ever wonder why there are so many forks at fancy dinners? Or what you are supposed to do when they put the program on your plate and the food is coming? With all these cups of water on the table how are you supposed to know which is yours? Don't worry, you are not alone. All of these questions and so many more will be answered and before long you will be able to focus on the delicious food and wonderful conversation instead of what dinner roll is yours!

Alumni Academy

This is your chance to hear from our grads about the skills and tips that you will need to succeed after graduation! We bring in our alumni to host monthly, on-line webinars that cover topics from how to manage your job search to navigating office politics. With Alumni Academy you will have the tools to not only find a job, but to exceed expectations once you've started!

Evisors and Brazen Connect

Looking for some advice help you through a decision? Want a mentor as you embark on your professional journey through life? Look no further! Evisors offers students and alumni alike the chance to network, host mock interviews, and provide resume critiques to get a jump start on your career. Simply sign up here and start connecting with over 500 McMaster grads! Another great tool is Brazen Connect - an online networking site. Look out for a session that applies to you and meet some new people and grow your network!

Life After Mac Videos

New this year, we have created the Life After Mac Video Series. These short videos were designed you give you bite-size information about all the great things we offer once you graduate. You can check them out by clicking on the pictures below!