Alumni Association Membership

Membership in the McMaster Alumni Association

The McMaster Alumni Association numbers close to 170,000 graduates of the University and is a vital, growing organization. On television we have seen a graduate fly out into space and return to earth, and in the papers we have read about another who traversed the barren wastelands adjacent to the North Pole. For McMaster graduates, whether they live the shadow of the ivy walls near campus, or isolated wilds of Laos, the Alumni Association fulfills two purposes. These were set out in the first meeting on May 3, 1894. "The object of the Society shall be to cultivate the spirit of fraternity and unity among its members, and to secure hearty and prompt copperation in all matters pertaining to the interests of McMaster University".

The Alumni Council was set up at that first meeting, but now is called the Board of Directors. It includes an executive committee, representatives to the University Senate and the Board of Governors, and members at large. This body guides and confirms the decisions of the executive and the staff of the Office of Alumni Advancement.

Terms of Membership:
All graduates of degree and diploma granting programs automatically become members of the Alumni Association. Associate membership may be granted upon approval by the Board with a minimum of one year's attendance in a recognized program. Honorary memberships are granted to individuals who receive an honorary degree from McMaster University. Honorary membership also may be conferred upon individuals in recognition of exceptional contributions to the Association or the University.


Support McMaster University
The Alumni Association will help the University accomplish its three primary activities -research, teaching and community service - through participating in governance, acting as a vocal advocate and supporting fund-raising.

Involve Alumni
The Alumni Association will act as an agent for alumni involvement within the University, within the activities of the Association and in external activities representing the interests of the Alumni Association.

Recognize Alumni Achievements
The Alumni Association will recognize the achievements of alumni, students and friends of McMaster University, and reward outstanding contributions to the Alumni Association.

Provide Services and Benefits for Alumni
The Alumni Association will provide products, services and benefits that renew and invigorate alumni affinity with the University.

Communicate with Alumni
The Alumni Association will undertake appropriate and timely communication with alumni to inform them of issues affecting the University and the Alumni Association, and to facilitate communications among alumni. The Alumni Association will initiate and pursue an appropriate and timely dialogue with senior officials and faculty of the University.

Involve Current Students
The Alumni Association will encourage current students to become involved in, and assist with activities of the Association to forge an early link with future graduands and it will encourage a lifelong association with the University primarily through the activities of the Student Alumni Association.

McMaster Alumni Association Constitution:
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