The McMaster Alumni Association ran more than 200 events in 2014, we offer a wide range of alumni services and benefits, and we serve more than 170,000 alumni worldwide. We are a big organization, and sometimes it can be hard to find the answers you seek. Here is a list of frequently asked questions we have received from young alumni just like you.

Prefer to talk to a real person? Don't hesitate to email Chris Pickard, Mac10 coordinator (or call Chris at 905.525.9140 x23960). You can also come visit us at the Alumni House!

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What is Mac10 anyway? Is it the same or different from McMaster Alumni?
Mac10 is the name for our young alumni program within the McMaster Alumni Association. The 10 refers to the fact that Mac10 program is designed specifically for graduates of the last 10 class years. We offer a mix of social, professional, and lifelong learning events, both online and in person - mostly in Hamilton and the GTA but occasionally in other cities. 

Why haven't I heard about Mac10 before or why don't I receive invitations to events in my area?
The most likely answer is that we don't have your proper address, or any address at all, for you. We can only email you about local events if we know that the event is in your area, and so this is why many young alumni don't receive emails from us.
HOW TO UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS: It's so easy to update your physical address and email address in our system - just register (or log in if you've already registered) using the links at the top of this page and go to Update My Info. You'll need your alumni ID or student ID to register. If you don't remember yours, just email Chris.

I don't know about benefits available to me through McMaster Alumni. Can you tell me more?
There are many benefits available to you as a McMaster graduate. These include: special discounts on home/apartment, auto and life insurance; deals on campus at the David Braley Athletic Centre and University Club; resources at the library (including new access to JSTOR); career coaching; special gifts at important milestones in your life; and special offers from community partners like cultural institutions and sports teams. Click here to find all the information you need about alumni benefits.

I don't really have much time to volunteer but I'd like to stay involved with McMaster. How do I do that?
There are a variety of ways that you can get involved with only a few hours commitment - and we need your help! One popular way to stay involved with the University is to sign up to be a mentor for current students. You add your name to our MentorLinks database and students can contact you to ask you questions about your job and career path. The time commitment is completely up to you. To sign up for MentorLinks, click here. If you are in a position to hire summer students or co-op students, you can also contact the Student Success Centre to learn more about hiring McMaster students and new grads at your company or business. 

Another low commitment option is to blog for us! Attend an event, or pick a topic or experience from your own life, and share your perspective with other alumni! Check out past examples on the alumni blog here and email Chris to volunteer. 

Can I help plan events?
We are always looking for great event ideas! Please email Chris with your ideas at any time. Most of our Mac10 events are in Hamilton and the GTA, but the Alumni Association hosts events across Canada and around the world, so we're open to ideas from alumni anywhere. You can also volunteer to help at Mac10 events on site. We typically need help with setting up, welcoming guests, various tasks during events, and clean-up. 

I don't live in southern Ontario and there aren't any events in my area. How can I get involved?
No problem! There are a few great ways to stay involved with McMaster. First, you could share your experiences with other alumni by writing a blog post (see question one in this section). If you are in a major metropolitan area, there is a good chance that other McMaster alumni live there, too. We can help you to plan an informal get-together with alumni in your area - just let us know that you're interested in coordinating (email Chris). 

Click here to access a list of benefits available to McMaster alumni.

Can I keep my email after I graduate?
You have access to your email for a short period of time after you graduate, usually until the January after your convocation (refer to UTS Service Desk for details). However, you can set up an email forwarding address through our system so that all future emails sent to your @mcmaster.ca email address are forwarded to another email account of yours. To set up email forwarding: (1) Register with our alumni system (use the Register Now link at the top of this site) or Log In. (2) Click the My Public Profile link at the top of the site. (3) Navigate to the Account Management tab and scroll down to the email forwarding section. (4) Enter your non-McMaster email address and be sure to click Save. Any trouble? Just email Chris.

Do I need an alumni card to access certain benefits?
No, you do not need an actual alumni card, but you do need your alumni number to access certain benefits like preferred insurance rates. If you do not know your alumni ID, just email Chris with your name, grad year and degree, and you'll get an email reply with your alumni ID number. 

Can I access the McMaster Libraries now that I have graduated?
Yes! This is a new service we're excited to share. Alumni can now access the McMaster Libraries free of charge, including the JSTOR database! NOTE: Before going to the Libraries to get your Alumni Access account, please email Chris to get your alumni ID number. Click here for more information about alumni access.

What are the special offer available to McMaster alumni?
We have discount agreements with Stratford Festival, Royal Botanical Gardens, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Royal Ontario Museum, TFC, Raptors and Rogers Cup. Click here for links to more information about each deal.

What is the First Time Donor Super Credit?
Are you a first-time donor? Take advantage of the federal First Time Donor's Super Credit! The federal government has just introduced a new temporary “super credit” for first-time donors or those who haven’t made a donation in the past six years.  The new tax credit provides an increased incentive for new donors on donations up to $1,000 as follows:

Tax credit of 40% for donations up to $200.
Tax credit of 54% on portion of donations between $200 and $1,000.

If you are new to the world of charitable donations or if you have not claimed a charitable donation as a deduction on your taxes in the last five years, you qualify for the First-Time Donor's Super Credit. For example, donate $1000 in your first year as a donor and receive a direct tax back credit of $639.72 on your income tax return.

I'm on the job hunt and having no luck. What can the Alumni Association do for me?
Our alumni career coach works with recent graduates to help you identify a career you’ll love and assist with getting there. Through one-on-one coaching, the career coach works with alumni (in person and online), focusing on career exploration, networking, interview skills, resumes and more. Click here to find out more about the one-on-one job search support services available through the Student Success Centre, including booking an appointment with the alumni career coach (PLEASE NOTE: these services are only available for free to graduates of the last ten years). If you are not familiar with OSCARplus, we suggest you read this document on how to book an appointment before you begin.

Can you connect me with a mentor?
The Alumni Association supports the Student Success Centre (previously the Career Centre) in maintaining a mentor database, which is accessible to young alumni as well. You can browse the database to find established alumni in your geographical area and career field. Mentors are available for a range of opportunities like email or phone interviews, job shadowing, or an information interview. Connect by email and invite them out for a coffee, and take it from there! Click here to learn more about accessing MentorLinks.

Are there alumni events I can attend to meet professional contacts?
Yes. The Mac10 young alumni program runs regular events where you can meet professional contacts. We also run special networking events on a regular basis to connect you with specific audiences, for example other entrepreneurial alumni or alumni in your career field. To be informed of career events coming up in your area, be sure that your alumni information is up to date - we can only let you know about events if we have your email and know which city you call home.

It's so easy to update your physical address and email address in our system - just register (or log in if you've already registered) using the links at the top of the left menu on this page and go to Update My Info. You'll need your alumni ID or student ID to register. If you don't remember yours, just email Chris.

How do I set up email forwarding?
Find out more about email forwarding here. You can also contact UTS with questions.

How do I find out about other events on campus, like in my program or Faculty?

Click the links below to find out about specific events and resources offered by program and Faculty offices and special event series on campus.

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