Strategic Plan

Alumni, Forever MAC
Our Mission & Strategic Goals 2016-2020

The McMaster Alumni Association strategic plan for 2016-2020 provides a map for the future of the Association, setting forth its goals, guiding its programs, and defining metrics to assess its performance over the next five years.  Building on the learnings of the 2015 alumni engagement survey, and through the leadership of the board of directors of the McMaster Alumni Association, alumni volunteers, and university staff, the plan outlines strategies that will help support the Office of Alumni Advancement operations and budgets to acheive our common objectives. 

McMaster Alumni Association Mission

  • Support McMaster University
  • Involve Alumni 
  • Recognize Alumni Achievements 
  • Provide Services and Benefits for Alumni 
  • Communicate with Alumni 
  • Involve Current Students 

Strategic Objectives:

1. Support McMaster University through a continued commitment to participation in governance, acting as an advocate and supporting fundraising with a focus on the growth of young alumni donors to McMaster.

2. Engage McMaster's evolving and shifting alumni constituencies by a clearer understanding of its demographic makeup and interests.

3. Foster high quality, distinctive, educational and service opportunities that deepen alumni engagement through on-campus, in community and online programming.

4. Make connections between alumni and students a cornerstone of the McMaster Alumni Association by creating more opportunities for interaction, programming and services.

5. Celebrate McMaster and alumni milestone, accomplishments and traditions through alumni events and alumni awards programs and communications.

6. Communicate a clear, consistent, and distinctive McMaster message that aligns with the university's goals and values and builds alumni ties to the McMaster Alumni Association and to McMaster.

7. Develop the resources, data and funding to meet the McMaster Alumni Association's strategic goals and support McMaster University. 


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