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Welcome to the McMaster Alumni Authors site. McMaster alumni have published books of all types - from creative fiction to self-help, to academic works. Browse our site to see how you can benefit from your fellow McMaster graduate’s knowledge, skills or imaginations.  From each authors' page you can link through to McMaster's Campus Store, and from their General Books page you can click on McMaster Authors to locate and purchase alumni authors' books.   


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Congratulations to McMaster alumni author Commander Robert Williamson.  His book UNTiDy Tales of Navel Officer Cadets has been elevated to Rare Book status.  For more information about Commander Williamson, visit his author page.




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Spring McMaster Times 2017
New at Mac

Lynnette Madsen '94

Lynnette Madsen was raised and educated in Ontario, Canada. She obtained her Ph.D. in Materials Science from McMaster University in 1994. She is author of Successful Women Ceramic and Glass Scientists and Engineers: 100 Inspirational Profiles and co-editor of Materials Research for Manufacturing: An Industrial Perspective of Turning Materials into New Products.

Teresa Cascioli '83
Teresa Cascioli is one of Canada’s top business minds. She is the daughter of Italian immigrants and a Commerce graduate from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Caroline Stellings '83

Caroline Stellings is an author and illustrator of children’s books from Waterdown, Ontario. She is a professional artist who loves to paint the many birds and animals that inhabit the wetland area near her studio, which is surrounded by thousands of pine trees.

Gerry Boyce '55

Gerald Boyce is a 1955 graduate of Humanities at McMaster University.

He is the author of two published books and two more books to be released in 2010: Gerry Tales: How I Lived Happily Ever After, Despite Stabbing Myself in the Back, Scalding My Cojones, and Really Pissing Off My Wife During Childbirth and Getting There.

Stephen MacNeil '83

Stephen MacNeil is a 1983 Business graduate of McMaster University. While toiling away on the Woolies and Worms sequel and dreaming of inheriting Harry Potter’s crown, he teaches special needs students at Assumption College School in Brantford.