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Maroon Mail Archive

May 2017 - Mac10
Looking to take the next step in your professional journey but don't know where to start? The McMaster Alumni Association and Student Success Centre have you covered with Kick-start your Career 2017! Regardless of whether you are a recent grad or have an established career we can help you take it to the next level with sessions from HR professionals, industry experts and recent grads. Mark your calendar on June 28th for this exclusive conference!

May 2017
It is raining cats and dogs in Hamilton today, but I see a lot of sunshine in our future -- hopefully not just metaphorically! We have Alumni Reunion Day coming up next weekend, and we’re hosting an all-Canadian alumni meet-up at Hamilton’s Spice Factory on June 6.

April 2017 - Mac10
When the weather is this nice, it's time to plan summer. We have two great opportunities for group tickets at Toronto games. On June 23rd there is Friday Night Footy with the TFC at BMO field and on August 15th we have our annual Blue Jays game. Mark your calendar and join other Mac Grads at our games this summer!

April 2017
As I write this message, I am on my way to San Francisco to host an alumni event with one of our faculty stars and fellow grad Joe Kim. You might remember the story we did in the fall of the alumni magazine about Joe and Dick Day about the evolution of first year psychology, the course that thousands of Mac grads have taken.

March 2017 - Mac10
It's back! The 3rd Annual Light Up the Night year end block party is next week! It's a great night to celebrate the school year and it's open to alumni too! If this is the first you're hearing of Light Up the Night check out this video. Come to campus next Thursday for another great McMaster tradition.

March 2017
Brace yourself, because this is going to make you feel old: the class of 2021 (many of whom were born in the year 2000!) is currently preparing to graduate high school. They will descend on McMaster campus in late summer, wide-eyed and excited for the next four years of university life. This is a generation that doesn’t know life without internet, 24-hour news, or data plans. They may be technologically savvy, but they’re still going to feel just like we did at that age – starting a new phase of life unsure about what to expect and maybe more than a bit terrified.

February 2017 - Mac10
Join us after business hours for a mix and mingle with recent McMaster alumni and local recruiters at Serve Ping Pong Bar and Lounge on Thursday, March 16 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. This event will include food, drinks, networking and ping pong!

February 2017
Can you feel that? The wisp of warmth in the air as you walk outside? I think it’s spring, folks. It’s almost here. We’re definitely waking up from winter in our events department and we have a full schedule of exciting and educational activities planned for you. From Kingston and Ottawa (click through to find out about the connection to Ivan Reitman and Eugene Levy!) to Shanghai and Hong Kong, plus plenty of programming here at home in Hamilton, there’s something for everyone.

January 2017 - Mac10
It's 2017! Hopefully you are still sticking to your resolutions (or maybe just taking a quick break). One of the mac10 new years resolution is to get more feedback from you! We want to make mac10 as valuable for you as it can be. With that in mind we have this survey for you. We know how groan-worthy surveys can be so we did our best to make it quick and easy. PLUS you could win one of two $200 prepaid VISAs for filling it out!

January 2017
It’s a new semester – time to get back to business after the holidays. The January semester has always felt like a fresh start to me. We have a chance to shake off the bad habits of the past year and try new ways of approaching studies or work.

December 2016 - Mac10
We hope your 2016 was great, even if the internet has wanted it to end for a while. A lot has happened here at Mac, so we wanted to make a video to show off, and show our appreciation for everything the McMaster community does. (It's not our facebook's year in review, we promise).

December 2016
You may not remember this, but last year around this time people were walking around in t-shirts! It was 15 degrees (above zero) in Hamilton on December 24, 2015. This year, we’re all donning toques and layering warm clothes over our t-shirts. I can't really decide which I prefer. But whichever way the weather turns, the holiday break is almost here.

November 2016 - Mac10
Want to make the next party you throw even better? We are bringing the experts right to you at our holiday party this year. Our DJ, mixologist, and chefs will give your some tips on how to do the little things to make your next get-together the best ever. Come out on Friday December 2nd in Toronto at the Gardiner Museum where you can learn a little and enjoy the evening with drinks, apps, desserts and music. Bring your friends and spend some time with other Mac

November 2016
Walking to work this week, I could see my breath in the air in front of me. My cheeks and fingers stayed icy for a good while after I arrived at our little cottage Alumni House. And leaving at the end of the day lately has meant leaving in the dark. It may not say it on the calendar but trust me it’s official: winter is here.

October 2016 - Mac10
Ever find yourself needing that little bit of advice? We are here to help! This is the first video in our 1 minute mac10 Masterclass series, that aims to teach you everything you couldn't learn in class. Meet Jeffrey Doucet '13 who has some advice about taking a different career path. Have your own ideas to share on a topic? It can be anything, investing to podcasts, buying a house to buying art, meeting people to paying taxes. Reach out here.

October 2016
The world is pretty scary this Halloween. Whether you’re spooked by the U.S. election, or roving clowns, or really anything in the world news headlines, an alumni event might be just the ticket to find comfort and community.

June 2016
Earlier this month, we welcomed 6,000 new graduates to the alumni family. Convocation season is always so exciting. There is such joy (and relief) on the faces of graduating students and such pride on the faces of their families and friends. This year, many of the graduates posting on social spoke about the gratitude they feel towards their parents and family. And many returned to McMaster to use the beautiful campus as a backdrop for family photos.

May 2016
This week, the alumni team headed outside to take our monthly team photo (check out the whole album on our Facebook page) and, for the first time in what feels like a long time, there was no shivering or cries of “ah, it’s so cold!” The sun is shining this week and it feels good.

April 2016
If you live in Hamilton, you may have heard a series of explosions echoing across the city on the evening of April 8. It was the reverberations from a spectacular fireworks display we unleashed on campus to celebrate the end of semester. The event, our second annual Mac Block Party, also included a midway with rides and games, a last lecture by CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos, and an outdoor concert and dance party.

March 2016
Finally – it’s spring! I’ve walked across campus without a coat a few times now, and it feels great. The garden around Alumni House is coming to life, and we’re starting to think about Alumni Reunion Day and a great line-up of spring events.

February 2016
"Somewhere in this grand and influential institutional mission, there is a place for you… we need to take a more personal look at McMaster because I believe that finding your own personal involvement mission is what can turn casual support into a passion and what can turn engagement into leadership."

January 2016
Cue the cinnamon hearts and Hershey’s kisses: Valentine’s Day is coming. February starts on Monday and we here at the Alumni House are ready. We’re particularly excited for these two fun initiatives open to everyone!

December 2015
Here we are: it’s the heart of holiday season and we’re getting ready for a few days of much-needed time away from work. The holidays are a time for family, for home, and for a bit of nostalgia.

November 2015
Temperatures have dropped below zero. Snow has fallen from the sky. We’ve donned our parkas and made appointments for winter tires. Winter is coming. Have a happy, healthy and cozy December!

October 2015
The sky is grey but all the leaves on campus are definitely not brown. This is such a beautiful time of year on campus with the trees sporting bright yellow, orange and red leaves (the tree outside the Alumni House is particularly fantastic). Folks, it’s officially fall.

September 2015
Can you feel it? That chill in the mornings, the waning warmth of the sun, an uptick in everyone’s schedules… fall has arrived! We have a very exciting fall planned for alumni this year. Homecoming is this weekend – and while the football game has sold out, there are still some alumni tickets for the Sheepdogs concert available and plenty of other events to enjoy on campus this weekend.

August 2015
It’s quiet at McMaster today. The weather feels crisp, like fall is coming. And, inevitably, it is. By Saturday afternoon, campus will be anything but quiet. Our students start to move in to residences this weekend and then Welcome Week begins. (You can follow along online with #MacWW2015 to see hundreds of first-person perspectives throughout the week.)

July 2015
McMaster feels pretty sleepy at this point in the summer, especially with this hot, hot weather we’ve been having. But there is a stirring across campus in anticipation of fall – a fresh coat of paint here, new furniture heading into residences there, and the sprucing of flower beds and lawns to make everything look just right for when students return.

June 2015
I have a confession. I get excited when we start to work on our annual report each year. I get to take a few moments and look back at our year. In 2015, our team ran 220 events, worked with more than 7,000 donors to McMaster, and expanded our reach online. Whether you’re a regular attendee, a donor, or you just follow what we’re up to on social media, I want to thank you and encourage you to take a moment and peruse our annual report.

May 2015
If you’re in southern Ontario this week, you know that summer has finally arrived. The trees are exploding with greenery, flowers are blooming, and mercury is rising. On a recent walk across campus I could smell freshly cut grass and see students playing Frisbee on the BSB lawn.

April 2015
I can still remember that joyous feeling of leaving my last exam of the semester, and I bet you can too. It's especially sweet in April when the weather is nice and you're finally free to enjoy it — bounding out of that stuffy exam hall with summer stretching out before you. Thousands of McMaster students experienced that feeling this week as exams drew to a close. Campus will be a bit quieter now, but that doesn't mean we're slowing down at the alumni office.

March 2015
Sharing memories is important. Through your memories, our students and recent grads can learn that the Mac men and women who went before them share their experiences, hopes and fears. There is a powerful inspirational aspect to sharing memories across generations and among alumni peers.

February 2015
I am pleased to share with you the 2014 Giving Report which highlights the impact of alumni gifts in the lives of our Mac students. As we read headlines telling us about the record cold we have experienced this month, I invite you to review the report and I guarantee it will make you forget about the cold for at least a moment or two. On behalf of the alumni team and our students, thank you for your generous support of our alma mater.

January 2015
Where did January go? On behalf of the McMaster Alumni Association and the alumni team, our best wishes for the new year before the first month of 2015 disappears. 2015 is shaping up to be another great year for the Alumni Association and McMaster and I look forward to your continued support and engagement with our university. We will be embarking on an alumni engagement survey in the spring that I do hope many of you will take a few moments of your time to share with us your opinions. Watch for upcoming issues of Maroon Mail for more information as well as the many activities, programs and benefits your association is pleased to provide to you.

December 2014
As we approach the end of 2014, I want to extend on behalf of the McMaster Alumni Association Board of Directors and our alumni team, our warmest wishes for a healthy and safe holiday season. We have a terrific line up of events and programs for the new year and look forward to spending 2015 with all of our McMaster alumni friends. #GOMACGO

November 2014
I think we all have a case of "Maroon Fever" and it is not just because our football team is in the Vanier Cup this Saturday. This fall has been one of good news across campus ranging from our continued excellent showing in the world university rankings; two CIS silver medals for our Men's Soccer and Women's Rugby teams; our former chancellor's gift of $2.5 million in the study of Canadian history; and the almost daily releases of research news from our world class faculty.

October 2014
Happy Hallowe'en! It is eerily quiet here at Mac today with all of our students on their fall break. Take a moment to read the great story on the 70s production of Frankenstein featuring Ian and Dave Thomas, Martin Short and Eugene Levy and of course, you might also want to check out the zombie story!

September 2014
Fall official begins on September 23 which is just in time for our annual fall Homecoming celebrations at Mac! We kick-off the week of activities on September 24 with our Hamilton Alumni Community IMPACT awards luncheon; followed by the Athletic Hall of Fame ceremony and dinner on September 25; the students catch the spirit of Mac on September 26 with their Homecoming Expo on the front lawn of Burke Science Building featuring a Ferris wheel, pep rally and food trucks with Lil Jon performing that night in the Sport Hall as we await the arrival of Queen's for the 1pm kickoff on the Saturday for our Homecoming football game.

August 2014

  Today feels like New Year's Eve at McMaster. The residence community advisors have moved in; our welcome reps are ready to welcome the Class of 2018; and our first home football game is on Monday against Guelph! The Alumni Association is also getting in on the action participating in the McMaster Welcome & BBQ on Sunday which is the official welcome to our new students as they pass through the Edwards Arch and shake hands with McMaster president Deane.

July 2014

  As we head into the heart of the summer, I am pleased to share with you on behalf of the volunteer leadership of the McMaster Alumni Association our 2013 – 2014 annual online report. In this virtual snapshot, you will find highlights from our alumni programs, services and benefits. It was another great year of engaging our alumni in the life of McMaster and I would like to thank the leadership of our senior volunteers whose advice and commitment guide the work of the Association on your behalf.

June 2014

  Sometimes dinner preparation can be a chore during a busy week. Last night it was starting off that way until I turned on the news and heard Dr. Gerry Wright talking about the dirt discovered in Nova Scotia that contains Kryptonite for superbugs and I got a burst of Mac pride. This is just one example of the research that happens everyday at Mac and involves our students in the experience. 

May 2014
It is celebration time at McMaster! Over the next couple of weeks we will highlight alumni and student achievements at our annual McMaster Alumni Association awards ceremony and dinner; followed by Alumni Reunion Day for our classes celebrating 50 years since graduation; and then of course the biggest celebration of the year, our spring convocation ceremonies where 5,000 plus Mac students will join their fellow graduates as members of the Alumni Association.

April 2014
William McMaster is on my mind today as we celebrate Founder's Day at McMaster. On April 23, 1887, the bill was assented to by the Ontario Legislature providing for the union of Woodstock College and the Toronto Baptist College under the name of McMaster University. Today, we celebrate Senator McMaster's generosity and belief in the power of education.

March 2014
Happy Spring! I keep saying it is spring so that I believe it as the weather has not been cooperating. We had to reschedule an event from earlier this year due to a snow storm so I'm pleased to re-welcome journalist and Hamiltonian, Steve Paikin, to McMaster to discuss his new book, Paikin and the Premiers, on Wednesday, April 9th. Fingers crossed the snow is done in Hamilton for this year!

February 2014
This month, we celebrated the second Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day in which student groups across North America are organizing events and activities to enhance awareness and engagement of students in philanthropy at their post secondary home or around the world. Our Mac activities have been organized around the theme of "a little means a lot," illustrating that any donation, no matter the size, can make a big difference on campus. Check out our Giving Report inside.

January 2014
This month's Maroon Mail celebrates McMaster and all the people that make this community what it is. Dr Patrick Deane takes part in a fun campaign chronicling all the different ways members of the McMaster community spend their day. Check out the campaign inside!

December 2013
We all know that what we wear shares a little bit of ourselves with the world. But sometimes, an explanation is required. Have a look at the alumni team donning their holiday best festive sweaters. We hope it says we’re a fun, (and sometimes competitive) group who are in the holiday spirit! Help us decide who wore it best, and Like your favourite festive sweater.

November 2013
The holiday season is upon us and we are kicking off the season next week with lots of good cheer! On Friday December 6 we are hosting a Holiday Soiree in Toronto at Hotel Ocho with rumours of a candy bar, holiday photo booth, music and lots of dancing are circulating around the office as well as our annual Hamilton Festive Wine Dinner at the University Club featuring the food and wine of Italy which is one of our destinations in our 2014 travel program; and finally our Mac10 program is hosting a holiday gathering in Hamilton on December 19 at the Baltimore House.

October 2013
The team at Alumni House is a pretty competitive group so in the spirit of Halloween, we had a pumpkin carving competition. We didn't want to be the only judges of whose pumpkin was the best so we had readers decide which one would win. Check out the wonderfully creative designs here. Learn more about the Fall production from the School of the Arts; our Downton Abbey inspired etiquette dinner; a new service to alumni for access to electronic journals and lots, lots more.

September 2013
Homecoming 2013 Promo VideoWith October and Homecoming 2013 right around the corner, energy and excitement on campus reached a fever pitch. Check out how the McMaster University Alumni Association got ready for homecoming weekend in our promo video, and let us know if it reminds you of your time at McMaster!  

August 2013
As the fall semester begins, reconnect with McMaster University and the McMaster University Alumni Association. This month was packed with exciting events and a week long celebration of the McMaster spirit. Also, be sure to check out the great conversation we had with Marauder Football's very own, Coach Ptaszek. 

July 2013
54th Stratford Seminar SeriesThe advice keeps coming into the Alumni Office. This spring, we received good advice from alumni to share with our newest graduates and we are now in the midst of tips, advice, and answering questions from our incoming students, our future Class of 2017. 

May 2013
May and June is celebration time at McMaster. Earlier this month, we held the spring convocation ceremonies for the Faculty of Health Sciences and Divinity College. Last night, we recognized outstanding alumni and student achievements at the McMaster Alumni Association awards ceremony. In a couple of weeks, we will welcome over 5,000 new members to the Alumni Association family during nine convocation ceremonies.

April 2013
The stress level is high on campus this month as our students began writing final examinations on April 12. Students will write more than 80,000 exams in more than 700 courses during the exam period, which runs until April 30.

March 2013
Photo of the Month: Gravity Climbing GymWhen it comes to good advice given to me during my time as an undergraduate, I hear my mother’s voice as clear as if it were yesterday… “a little more time in the library, and a little less time in the pub.” Once I heeded that good advice, I realized she was right. So here I am a proud Mac grad asking you to share your good advice with this year’s graduating class. Think of it as a convocation speech by committee.

February 2013
Photo of the Month: MacServeWhen I was a teenager and babysat on Labour Day Weekend, it often meant watching the Jerry Lewis Tele–a–thon. Watching the charity fundraiser is where I first became mezmorized by the tote board and the changing numbers. I’m not sure why but still to this day when someone announces “Can we see the new number,” I stop and watch in anticipation for the reveal of the number.

January 2013
Photo of the Month: VanierI’ll admit it – I have a crush on Alvin Lee. A big crush. Dr. Lee will be leading our Alumni Travel Program trip to the Blue Danube in September and let me tell you, I’d be the first to sign up to spend two weeks exploring Europe with this man. Dr. Lee will be offering a flavour of what’s in store for the trip at a special excursion preview at Alumni Memorial Hall on February 27, where he will be sharing his passion and knowledge of the romantic and classical music of Europe.

December 2012
What a year!

Phew. That was some year to be part of the McMaster family. We started out the year with plans to celebrate our great institution’s milestone 125th anniversary. We had lots of reasons to celebrate.

November 2012
Photo of the Month: VanierI admit it. I am really competitive. I can’t help myself. So, when my team came to me with an idea for a 125th anniversary challenge I was all over it. Starting December 4 for 48 hours, we are challenging our McMaster family to help us raise $125,000 in just two days for the special 125th Anniversary Bursary established to mark this commemorative year at McMaster.

October 2012
HomecomingWe lost a special Mac grad this past week. Lincoln Alexander was a member of the Class of 1949 and a memember of our Alumni Gallery. I would encourage you to take a few minutes to listen to his Alumni Gallery interview from 1993. Linc was interviewed by Les Prince and it is a wonderful story of Linc’s life in his own words. You can find the interview by visiting our Daily News story on Linc.

September 2012
MuralWith over 153,000 alumni in 140 countries, you would expect a few of our grads to have a desire to share their viewpoint on the web and I now count myself part of the group. We have recently launched our Alumni Blog and are inviting alumni to join us on our blog page – either as regular reader or blogger. Check out our From the Bleachers blog from Ben Chapdelaine ’01 as we get ready for the Mac vs. Western football game this Saturday.

August 2012
Campus is undergoing its “finishing touches” as we await the arrival of the Class of 2016 this weekend, kick-off our football season on Monday against the University of Guelph and look forward to the re-opening of the Phoenix in its new location, the Refectory on Tuesday.

July 2012
The Forward with Integrity Advisory Committee has released its report and is available on the President's & Vice-Chancellor's website. In his two years at McMaster, Dr. Deane has been meeting alumni near and far and been providing updates on the Forward with Integrity Initiative and welcomes alumni feedback. The report can be found here as well as the Task Force Group reports and Dr. Deane's letter to the McMaster community.

June 2012
Happy Canada Day Weekend! I'm just back from a successful series of alumni events in Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary as we celebrate McMaster's 125th year. Yesterday the University announced the location of our new liberal arts building on the current location of Wentworth House and Phoenix fans don't worry as the bar is moving to the former Refectory cafeteria space later on this summer. It will be a fantastic location for the Phoenix and walking by the now finished patio, it looks terrific!

May 2012
Alumni House is a hive of activity these days as we get ready for our annual class reunion and awards weekend and look forward to Convocation ceremonies in early June. Today is the Association's annual awards ceremony and dinner when we gather to celebrate the accomplishments of our alumni and recognize outstanding service to McMaster.