Home & Auto Insurance

Home and Car Insurance
Most insurance companies offer discounts for combining home and auto policies, and for maintaining a good driving record. What you may not know, is that we offer these savings too, plus we offer preferred rates thanks to our partnership with your association.

You’ll also receive our highly personalized service and great protection that fits your needs.

For over 60 years, TD Insurance has been the recognized leader in group insurance. Contact us to find out how much you could save as a graduate of one of the universities eligible for our preferred rates.

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Save more with TD Insurance

As a graduate of McMaster University you have privileged access to the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex program, which provides savings through lower preferred insurance rates. Plus, by choosing TD Insurance you also give back. Our program contributes to McMaster University every year, so while you benefit from savings, you will also be supporting your alma mater.

Take advantage of your group privileges: You could save $415 or more when you combine your home and auto insurance with us.

We have been serving thousands of alumni like you for more than 65 years. We would be pleased to count you among our many satisfied customers.

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