Each year hundreds of alumni gather at various types of reunions to reminisce about their time at McMaster and reconnect with friends of years past.  Below are the types of reunions alumni participate in each year.  View our Events Calendar to look for upcoming reunions.


Class Reunions

Typically held on Alumni Reunion Day, numerous classes gather to recognize the anniversary of their graduation. This is the largest single day of activities organized for alumni, and features events, tours and gatherings for graduates to visit with their friends and fellow alumni.


Affinity Reunions

Student clubs, activities and extra-curricular endeavours are an important part of the student experience! Memories and connections forged don’t have to end with graduation. If you would like to assist in planning a reunion related to a student affinity, email [email protected].


Faculty, Department and Program Reunions
As McMaster has grown and class sizes get larger, many alumni wish to reconnect with fellow graduates of a specific Faculty, Department or Program. Numerous reunions are held for specific areas on Alumni Reunion Day, Homecoming Weekend, and throughout the year. For information on these reunions, email [email protected].