Alexandra Kitty

Alexandra Kitty, B.A. '94

While completing the final year of her B.A. in psychology at McMaster, Alexandra decided, quite by accident, to pursue a career in journalism. After watching a story on the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes, Alexandra wrote a letter praising the story. 60 Minutes responded by asking Alexandra to do some further research into the topic. It was at that time she decided that if 60 Minutes thought a Mac psych student had the right stuff to be a journalist, she was not going to argue.

Ms. Kitty has written for a number of magazines and papers including Elle Canada, Maisonneuve, Current Magazine, Quill Magazine, Hamilton Magazine, Presstime Magazine, the Hamilton Spectator, Victoria Times Colonist and Burlington Post. Alexandra’s topics of specialty are crime, the news media and hoaxes in the news. She is expecting her first book Don’t Believe it!: How lies make news to be published by the Disinformation Company in the Fall of 2004.

In addition to writing for a number of magazines, Alexandra currently teaches writing at the Sheridan Institute. She was also a professor of Language Studies at Mohawk College, teaching courses ranging from communication, research and reporting, ideas in tv and film to public speaking.