Deepening "Age & Stage" Programming

(C) Deepening “Age & Stage” Programming:

To review MAA programs and services to ensure they are positioned optimally for alumni at various stages in their relationship with McMaster.

Objective 1:

  • Program Review: Conduct a program review and put into best practices, indentifying gaps in programming or changes needed in content for different ages & stages using demographic information and trends to better understand makeup and interests of alumni.

Objective 2:

  • Theme: Consider a theme for each year of events/programming (for example, 2013/14 could be, “A Year Living Generously” – inspiration taken from the book of the same title to add interest, promote pride, align with FWI priorities, and expand service programming. 

Objective 3:

  • Educational content: Establish the MAA as the gateway for educational opportunities for alumni regardless of geographical location: on campus, in local communities, online and worldwide, seeking content that is broad scale in appeal.